Virtual Conference
Spine Conference 2022

Romulo Moura Jorge

Hospital do Rocio, Brazil

Title: Bezold Jarisch Reflex During Halo-Gravity Traction: Case Report


The surgical treatment of severe, high-angle-value spinal deformities is particularly challenging due to difficulties intrinsic to their correction and the risk of neurological injury. Preoperative traction methods have been described to enable gradual correction of the deformities, reducing the complications of an acute correction procedure. Although there are no criteria defined for its indication, its use is considered in curves greater than 100º.

Since Stagnara described the technique, various complications have been described, among them the occurrence of superficial infection and/or loosening of the pins. Transient neurologic deficit, and changes in cranial nerves are rare, but have been reported in several cases.

The author describes a case of the Bezold-Jarisch reflex during halo-gravity traction, as yet not mentioned in the literature.


Borned in Curitiba, south of Brazil, in 08 June 1977, graduated in Medicine in Federal University of Parana, formed as Orthopaedics in Cajuru Hospital, get Master degree in Federal University of Parana, and specialization in Spine Surgery in SRH Klinikum Karlsbad-Langensteinbach and Zürich Uniklinik Balgrist. Actually is head of the Spine Department in  Hospital do Rocio, Curitiba, working in deformity and Degeneratives cases.