Virtual Conference
Spine 2023

Mike K.S. Chan

European Wellness Biomedical Group, Malaysia

Title: Pathogenesis of vascular calcification


The population of our planet is aging. In older people, with age, the mechanism of the "calcium paradox" develops - the bones become brittle from the loss of calcium, and the vessels become rigid, because calcium accumulates excessively in them. Consideration of the causes of pathological calcification is one of the important issues in gerontology. The answer to it will allow preventing the development of one of the disabling syndromes of old age - "fragility" .... We are studying the possible causes of this phenomenon and trying to offer prevention methods.


Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike K.S. Chan, is a Researcher, Author, Educator and an Entrepreneur in the specialised fields of Biotechnology Research & Development of Stem Cells and Peptide Therapeutics and Biological & Regenerative Medicine for multiple corporations globally. He is also the co-Owner & Founder of the European Wellness Biomedical Group, Germany, a vertically-integrated group comprising key divisions in IP Research & Development, Biotech & BioPharma Manufacturing Plants (Germany & EU), Educational Institutions & Professional Academies, Global Product Distribution across 80 countries, and 26 medical wellness, diagnostics and youth restorative centres in Europe and Asia Pacific including Switzerland, Germany, Greece, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Bangladesh with VIP clientele comprising Presidents, Head of States, Hollywood, Hong Kong and Chinese Celebrities and the Rich & Famous. He is an Author/co-Author of over 20 scientific books on Stem Cells (including for animals), Aging, Neurodegenerative & Neurodevelopment Disorders, Metabolic Diseases, Biological & Regenerative Medicine and over 50 scientific and medical publications in USA and UK. He is also a recipient of multiple international awards for Biotechnology in Europe and Middle East. He also holds multiple international patents worldwide for a number of biopharmaceuticals including stem cells, peptides, autoimmune therapies and parenteral nutrition.