Virtual Conference
Spine 2023

Kishore Mikhopadhyay

Union Christian Training College, India

Title: Role of Recovery for Optimizing Health and Sports Performance


Recovery is considered to be the ergotrophic phase of biological preparation for competition. Its purpose is not only to restore its homeostasis but to further overcompensate the body. Achieving the right balance between training and competition stress and recovery is critical to maximizing athletes' performance. In parity with the nature, training time and frequency of competitions the problem of restoration in the shortest possible time is very crucial for the preparation of an athlete. High-performance sport and the importance of successful performance have led athletes and coaches to constantly seek advantage that can improve performance. It follows that the rate and quality of recovery is extremely important to the high-performance athlete, and that optimal recovery can provide numerous benefits during high-level repetitive training and competition. In sporting scenario, the term recovery can be used in various forms such between set recovery, after work-out recovery, recovery after training cycles and recovery after injury. Now a days, a wide range of recovery methods are used as an integral part of the training programs of elite athletes to help achieve the balance between Stress and recovery. The present meta synthesis study will focus on methods and practical application of post exercise recovery for athlete, health and fitness professionals.