Virtual Conference
Spine 2023

Igor Borshchenko

Orthospine Clinic, Russia

Title: Laser disc regenerative treatment


Degenerated disc disease (DDD) of spine is treated via low-level non-ablative laser irradiation through disc needle puncture. Er-fiber glass laser 1.56 µm irradiation of certain pulse wave mode induces regeneration response with formation of new hyaline or fibrotic-hyaline cartilage both in experiments (rabbits) in 40 days and later and in human discs. Non-invasive quantitative MRI analysis of the effects demonstrates 14% growth of the signal intensity from the irradiated human discs within the first year. The long-term estimation (5 years) demonstrates stable positive change of spine disc morphology and improvement in Pfirrmann grade at one point. Clinical improvement is reflected in pain VAS score and SF36 score. Precise MRI investigation reveals active change of disc metabolism after the low-level non-ablative laser irradiation and shift in Modic changes. The mechanisms of the treatment and further investigation are discussed.    


Igor Borshchenko has completed his PHD at the age of 31 years from Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute, Moscow, Russia. He is the leading spine surgeon in Orthospine Clinic, Moscow, the chief tutor in Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine of Moscow Healthcare Department, Russia. He has over 19 publications that have been cited over 65 times and author and co-author of 8 books on spine surgery.