Virtual Conference
Spine 2023

Chunlin Zhang

Zhengzhou University, China

Title: Synergetic mechanism by decompression and bone bioactive factors to induce the spontaneous resolution of disc herniation


Intervertebral disc herniation is a common disorder with resolution/self-healing seen as the rare but ideal outcome. Based on our previous studies on the cervical spine, disc herniation was newly established as the absorbable tissue, termed induced resorption of herniated nucleus pulposus (iRHNP). In this study, we suggested a novel mechanism and a new technique that disc herniation could be treated to obtain iRHNP.The mechanism that both physical force withdrawal (de-compression) and biological groove healing (release of bone bioactive factors) healing drive the resorption of disc herniation was tested by experiments in vitro and in vivo. The loss of weight/volume and matrix degradation in aberrantly-loaded disc was identified when co- culture with fracture callus. Meanwhile, the signaling of extracellular matrix degradation and mechanical integrin was up-regulated by RNA sequencing.

A new technique (Fig) was developed as a treatment of resolution induction for lumbar disc herniation, termed RI-LDH. A prospective study was then conducted showing excellent clinical outcomes associated with reconstruction of the bony spinal canal and profound iRHNP. The correlationship between factors further confirmed our hypothesis.A solid foundation for a novel RI-LDH based strategy to treat disc herniation was established.


Prof. Chunlin Zhang MD, serving as chief physician, director of orthopeadics department, The first affiliated hospital of zhengzhou university First chair of the Rehabilitation Medicine council in Bethune Psychiatric Research Association.Chairman of the Innovation and Transformation Group of the Bone Science Branch in the Chinese Medical Association.Vice Chair of the Spinal Pain Branch, Pain Branch, Chinese Medical Association. Chair of the Endoscopy Professional Committee of the Endoscopy Branch, Chinese Medical Association. Chair of the Working Group of Spine Robot Precision Surgery Education, Spine Branch, Orthopedics Professional Committee, China Medical Education Association. Chair of the Expert Committee of Spinal Minimally Invasive Medicine, Soft Tissue Pain Branch, China Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research .Chair of the Expert Committee of Artificial Intelligence Technology of the Soft Tissue Pain Branch of the China Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research. Vice President of the Chinese Medicine Artificial Intelligence Equipment Branch of China Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research