Virtual Conference
Spine 2022

Chang-Myong Choi

Cheongju Medical Center, Republic of Korea

Title: Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery(BESS) considering merits and pitfalls


The biportal endoscopic spine surgery allow us to use conventional spine surgical instruments in the endoscopic procedure like open surgery. And protection of the neural structures with assistant retractor and low voltage radiofrequency coblator make this procedure safer than the uniportal endoscopic spine surgery.  The authors present a novel technique in treating degenerative spinal diseases in variable access angle different from the conventional uniportal endoscopic spine surgeries. The main objective of this report is presenting two approaches for central and extraforaminal stenosis using an assistant retractor.  Both central and foraminal stenosis were well decompressed and a migrated disc fragment was removed successfully with this minimal endoscopic procedure without major complications in these cases.

Keywords: Biportal endoscpic spine surgery, Spinal stenosis, nerve protection, low voltage coblator


Chang-Myong Choi has completed his PHD at the age of 35 years from Chungnam National University, Korea. He is the chief in Spine Center, Cheongju Medical Center, Korea. He has 5 publications that demonstrating surgical techniques about the Biportal Endoscopic Spine Surgery.
He has over 300 cases of biportal endoscopic spine surgery dealing with the degenerative spine diseases. He is interested in developing surgical instruments and equipments for the biportal endoscopic spine surgery.