Virtual Conference
Spine 2023

Ammara Arif

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , Pakistan

Title: Physiatry and spinal cord injury : A Pakistani perspective


Spinal Cord injury continues to torment millions around the globe. Despite medical advances, this disease primarily affecting the young is a major cause of disability and resultant complications .This article takes a look at the challenges faced by spinal cord injury patients in a developing county like Pakistan. In addition to that, Physiatry as an upcoming and relatively young specialty in Pakistan presents an opportunity for persons with spinal cord injury to live a life of quality despite the financial and technological restraints. 


Ammara Arif completed her MBBS from Army Medical College ,Rawalpindi in 2005. Since then she has done her post graduate training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is currently an assistant professor in PM and R at the leading institute of Physiatry ,Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFIRM, Rawalpindi). She has also done MSc in Pain medicine . Her particular area of interest is Pediatric Rehabilitation and she is successfully running the weekly pediatric rehabilitation clinic at her hospital, the first of its kind in Pakistan.